[Talk-GB] OS OpenData contours

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Sun Feb 13 10:33:19 GMT 2011

>There are, however, some heightfiles missing from the full set. There are no 
>heightfiles with the name XX99 e.g. on the wiki, I've given an example 
>showing that SJ99ne, SJ99nw, SJ99se, SJ99sw are all missing. This is true of 
>every OS grid square - so full 100x100km OS grid squares fully on land only 
>have 396 5x5km files, instead of 400.

Sorry, typo in a for loop! Fixing as we speak.

>Also, OS grid squares HP,HT,HU,HW,HX,HY & HZ are also missing. These only 
>cover the Orkneys & Shetland & islands off the Scottish northern coast, but 
>I'm sure someone will find them useful if they were present.

Also fixing, sorry, only covered the major squares "N", "S" and "T".


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