[Talk-GB] 'Easy' Speciality Map Rendering

Tim Saunders tim_s_63 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 23 21:33:55 GMT 2011

You would have my support for this Graham.  I think I fall into the category of someone who has basic skills but just don't have the time to fathom out where to start on something like the Toolserver link.  Cloudmade looks more accessible, but seems quite restricted in what one can edit?  My interest is railways and if I could produce something like your canal map but showing railway tagged ways and nodes - current, disused, abandoned and indeed obliterated, I would be delighted (better still if I could get to the point of having that as a download on a windows mobile PDA with GPS).  I also think there is a large community of railway enthusiasts out there who have the right mindset to be drawn into OSM, if they could be engaged with an easily accesible output.


(Nice but) Tim Saunders
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