[Talk-GB] Cycle routing over "uncycleable" BOATs

SomeoneElse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Thu Dec 20 23:36:12 GMT 2012

(like the "Unfit for Motors" question, but for bicycles)

I recently noticed that someone's changed the track between Stanage Pole 
and Redmires west of Sheffield to "bicycle=no".  It's been a few months 
since I was there (and the last time I was it was snowing horizontally) 
so I can't be sure but I suspect that this isn't correct - I think that 
it's a continuation of the BOAT that runs up Long Causeway.

Is the best way to indicate "you're legally allowed to cycle here but 
would be an idiot to try"* to add an "mtb:scale" tag of > 0, or is there 
some other accepted (by mappers and routers) way of doing this?  I've 
previously added surface tags to the bits I've mapped around here but I 
wouldn't expect a router to understand random values in that.

Although I've only ever walked it, I reckon that this bit:
would qualify as "mtb:scale=1".


* in this particular example, I don't remember the flat bit into 
Redmires being _that_ bad - I'd need to go back and check.

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