[Talk-GB] Cycle routing over "uncycleable" BOATs

Brian Quinion openstreetmap at brian.quinion.co.uk
Fri Dec 21 03:43:01 GMT 2012

On 20 December 2012 23:36, SomeoneElse <lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk> wrote:

> (like the "Unfit for Motors" question, but for bicycles)
> I recently noticed that someone's changed the track between Stanage Pole
> and Redmires west of Sheffield to "bicycle=no".  It's been a few months
> since I was there (and the last time I was it was snowing horizontally) so
> I can't be sure but I suspect that this isn't correct - I think that it's a
> continuation of the BOAT that runs up Long Causeway.


Not sure it is the exact bit you are talking but I've cycled down this bit
and I'd never do it again.  'Gravel' it isn't, rather it is boulders and
sharp loose rocks with up to 2 foot drops.

I made it to the bottom still on the bike but I think it is the closest
I've ever come to dying on my bike.  Up would probably be impossible, down
is just stupid unless you are way better than I am.

> Is the best way to indicate "you're legally allowed to cycle here but
> would be an idiot to try"* to add an "mtb:scale" tag of > 0, or is there
> some other accepted (by mappers and routers) way of doing this?  I've
> previously added surface tags to the bits I've mapped around here but I
> wouldn't expect a router to understand random values in that.

Hard to judge from the photos and I don't have the experience but I'd say a
minimum of s3 maybe s4 due to the loose rocks on the bit I've linked.

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