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Not sure this went out so resending

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Hi everyone

We've been busy here in the West Mids during November and worked with
Birmingham Convention Bureau ( a local authority-sponsored service who do
lots of leg work and admin for free) in searching, surveying and choosing a
venue. We have a great venue at Aston Uni Business School at a competitive
price with lots of on- campus accommodation from hotel standard to student
standard. It's currently on hold for us for 6-8 September 2013. Aston Uni
is a very compact campus and is  centrally-located for transport links and
for access to nightlife.

Our bid document is 90% complete ( it's more thorough than the one on the
wiki <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Birmingham_Bid_Page> ). What we
need urgently to complete the bid is a list of people committed to organise
the work for the conference between bid award and the conference itself.
 For the bid document we need your name/OSM name and a brief 2-3 sentence
biography like the one already added by nickw, lastgrape/gregory, sms1,
spiffy/Jonathan on the UK wiki bids
 Are those individuals willing to be listed on the Birmingham bid?
 Anyone else - can you add your details to the wiki or email me. Also can
the mappa-mercia West Midlands mappers  who bravely volunteered send me
 their details.

First public  iteration of our  bid document will  be published shortly
into the New Year.

Thinking ahead : a first pass of organisation tasks follows - you might
like to indicate what you feel comfortable tackling ( or what's been left

Sponsor package programme and promotion (maybe split into
Sponsor Exhibits
Conference Registration
Marketing/promotion - externally and to OSM community
Conference paraphernalia(badges, banners,signage, delegate pack etc)
Delegate Experience (trips, entertainment)
Call for Papers and Conference Agenda
Co-ordination of presentation material - pre- and post-conference
AV - most of what we need is  included with the venue except for live
streaming media
Press Officer
Venue support (being on hand during the conference for delegate assistance)
(Visa administration - do UK visas need documentary evidence of a UK

Whilst these are a heads-up list of tasks they need grouping at a later
date  into an organisation for ease of co-ordination. There's probably a
natural order in there somewhere but at the moment I'm concentrating on bid
preparation - any help appreciated


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