[Talk-GB] Fwd: CFV SOTM 2013

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Fri Dec 21 13:58:56 GMT 2012

-----Brian Prangle <bprangle at gmail.com> wrote: -----

>Our bid document is 90% complete ( it's more thorough than the one on the wiki ). What we need urgently to complete the bid is a list of people committed to organise >the work for the conference between bid award and the conference itself.  For the bid document we need your name/OSM name and a brief 2-3 sentence biography like the >one already added by nickw, lastgrape/gregory, sms1, spiffy/Jonathan on the UK wiki bids page .  Are those individuals willing to be listed on the Birmingham bid?  

Hopefully to an extent, though would not be able to travel up to Birmingham regularly outside the actual conference period itself, as it's a long and expensive train journey.

On the other hand I would be happy to help out during the conference itself and maybe a couple of days before as long as there were no clashes with work commitments. July/August best time of year for me, though hoping to get away on holiday in the 2nd half July.


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