[Talk-GB] SOTM 2013 bids

Jeremy Morley Jeremy.Morley at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Dec 21 15:51:19 GMT 2012

Dear all,

Sorry to land suddenly in this list. For the majority that don't know me, I
work at the University of Nottingham (as my sig says) in GIS. I've been part
of research work relating to OSM at UCL in the past, and the group I lead in
Nottingham also have interests in OSM in various ways (e.g. the OSM-GB
project, osmgb.org.uk ).

We also work in open source GIS and with OSGeo and it's with that hat on
that I'm actually emailing. I'm one of the co-chairs for the FOSS4G
conference in September 2013 that's being organised at the East Midlands
Conference Centre here in Nottingham, back-to-back with the AGI GeoCommunity
conference. In different ways there will be activities running from 16-22
September though our main dates are 17-21 Sept (see 2013.foss4g.org ).

Speaking for the FOSS4G local organisers, we're really keen to see
complementarity between the SotM and FOSS4G (and GeoCom, whose working group
I'm on as a FOSS4G liaison). We'd like to work with you on how all these
events can profit from each other. I'm happy to be a point of contact, at
least for now. In some ways Birmingham feels like the easiest fit with
Nottingham but I'm equally happy to work with Southampton, Durham or anyone

I've not been able to back-track on the OSM mailing lists as to when each
group is aiming at actually holding the conference. Our strong hope would be
that you'd go for the something around the 12-14 Sept time frame as it feels
like the best fit with FOSS4G.

Anyway, I hope I/we (the FOSS4G LOC) can be helpful and constructive to
really get the communities together in the UK in September. Please do drop
me a line if you want to interact on this. (I may be slow to respond in the
next few days ;-)


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