[Talk-GB] CFV SOTM 2013 - My support biography

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 16:35:57 GMT 2012


Thanks again for all your work to date with organising the Birmingham bid
for SOTM (not forgetting the others who have been involved up to now as

>For the bid document we need your name/OSM name and a brief 2-3 sentence
>biography like the one already added by nickw, lastgrape/gregory, sms1,
>spiffy/Jonathan on the UK wiki bids

My bio is as follows:

Coventry and Warwick

Evenings and weekends. Happy to travel to Birmingham as necessary and may
be able to take the occasional day of work if needed.

I have been contributing to OSM for nearly 2 years now. Both mapping
locally after ground surveys, and also some armchair mapping (where
appropriate). Additionally I have worked on improving the wiki
documentation to help newcomers and I am involved in "Open Data" groups
that have successfully obtained public sector data as an additional source
of information for mappers. I am now getting more interested in ''using''
OSM data. Have helped to arrange local user group meetings.

Hope this helps,
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