[Talk-GB] Remapping update

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Sat Mar 24 19:16:06 GMT 2012

>> I ask as I am intending to do some remapping of Andy Street's paths in the
>> Bishops Waltham/Meon Valley area and wondering whether I have to actually
>> walk the paths again or just tag with "odbl=clean"

>You don't have to walk the path if you can map it using other
>techniques, such as GPS traces, Bing, OOC maps etc. Especially if you
>know the path well enough to know how it goes (e.g. it's straight
>through a particular patch of woods) then just remap it remotely.


So, just to confirm - is it OK to use GPS traces as source material for remapping, even if they may have been contributed
by someone who has refused the CTs?

Reason I ask is that this precise issue came up today... damned battery ran out 15 mins before the walk finished,
meaning I couldn't get a new trace. However I noted that it was a designation=public_footpath.


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