[Talk-GB] Sustrans still using OS map data

Dave F. davefox at madasafish.com
Fri Apr 5 14:46:16 UTC 2013

On 05/04/2013 14:44, Dave F. wrote:
> Hi
> I see Sustrans are still using OS map data instead of OSM on this 
> newly produced map (twitterpic):
> *http://tinyurl.com/buja25a*
> I presume someone within OSM has talked to them about it. Do they have 
> a long term contract, or not consider our data complete enough? Seems 
> a great shame a charity is paying for something that could be free.
> Dave F.

I had a reply to my tweet: "Mildly disappointed charity @*sustrans* 
<https://twitter.com/sustrans> are paying for copyright data when 
they're free to use OSM" (also went to @openstreetmap)

Sustrans said "There was no cost to Sustrans for this mapping. Mapping 
licensed by local authority"

I'm assuming this means we're all paying for it via local taxes & see 
this as an greater reason to swap to OSM. Does anyone have the details 
of this arrangement?

@Bob Kerr
I'm surprised they think the political stance should be a barrier.

Dave F.

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