[Talk-GB] Neighbourhood Planning - data import proposal

Jason Woollacott woollac at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 19 15:19:32 UTC 2013

Hi Stephen,

Just wondering what sources you have for this data.   I noted that the 
document you based the original 
proposal,(http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/changeset/15462826) is 
copyrighted by a company,   has it been released under a suitable license?

I understand that Parish boundaries are released through the Ordnance Survey 
License, but if multiple parishes/wards are combined to form a NPA, then 
that information would need to be sourced from somewhere.

If it's clean data then that is fine, but we need to be sure of the data 
sources.    All sources for imports should be recorded here 


Jason (UniEagle)

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stephen.peters1 at sky.com wrote:
> Comments please on my proposal to upload new data about Neighbourhood 
> Planning Areas in England.  This will involve re-using parish and 
> electoral ward boundaries across the country.

First, perhaps you could explain the steps that you took to follow the
guidelines on the page:


before carrying out this import:

http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/changeset/15772466 ?

What is the benefit of having the bunch of nodes that you have so far
uploaded in OSM?  Surely nothing exists yet until the "neighbourhoods"
that "https://www.gov.uk/neighbourhood-planning" talks about actually
have a referedum to decide that they exist, and then when that happens
they can add themselves?  I don't see how your import helps.  For
example, I live in an area that has a parish council - they already do
stuff locally.  I'd expect any "neighbourhood planning" malarkey to be
just another funding stream for them in addition to the slice from
council tax - surely there's no need in that case for any extra data in
OSM at all?

Also, how does this "proposal" relate to previous changesets such as
e.g. this one:




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