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Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Wed Apr 24 10:49:50 UTC 2013

sk53.osm wrote:
> I noted above why I dont like tee to hole tracks & the 1st at Macrihanish is a
> great example. If you are a scratch golfer you drive over the beach directly at
> the hole. Good club golfers will drive more the right avoiding the horrors of
> being down on the beach. Hackers will try and just lay-up anywhere on the
> fairway towards the 18th green.
> Which one is right?
> The other problem is that the line may be very different from championship tees
> compared with standard tees, and again different for ladies tees.
> A more pertinent point from an OSM point of view is that it is not an
> on-the-ground feature or suitable for verification.
> It does look nice on rendering and those golf maps they show in the newspapers.

Totally understand that, which is probably why arbitrary outlines are wrong as 
well ;) My point about a line from tee area through to hole is that it does give 
a clean overview of the course at lower res? Some of the examples Bob supplied 
we difficult to link tee and hole, but both tee and hole are surv3yable points. 
Once a better means of adding secondary data is available, then showing the PAR 
calculations for each colour of tee makes sense but is OTT for the base map.

I'm not a golfer - but I can see the advantage of hints when new to a course.

I've copied to list as I think this is part of the general discussion to get an 
approved tagging page.

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