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FWIW I'm sure E2 exists. I remember recently reading something about the Pennine Way which suggests it was coincidental with the European route E2.

Wikipedia would appear to confirm:



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Subject: [Talk-GB] European Walking Route E2 / Staffordshire Way / Viking Way

Does anyone know what's going on with European Walking Route E2?

I first spotted it when someone split the Staffordshire Way into 3 and 
added the middle relation to a new E2 super-relation.  I found that a 
bit odd, but no odder than adding unsigned C-road references to the map.

I've recently looked again and found that that super-relation is no more 
and a new series have been created:

West Midlands:
(contains lots of the individual ways that also form the Staffordshire 
Way, and some others)

East Midlands:
(contains lots of the individual ways that also form the Viking Way, and 
some others)

These are in turn part of:

which consists of:
Way Lower Lees Road (153526213)
Way Henley Road (147988092)
Way Henley Road (147988091)
Relation European walking route E2, UK, West Midlands (1976230)
Relation European walking route E2, UK, South East England (1976229)
Relation European walking route E2, UK, East of England (1976183)
Relation European walking route E2, UK, Yorkshire and the Humber (1976184)
Relation European walking route E2, UK, East Midlands (1976182)
Way Preston Road (152559211)

(a curious mixture of ways and relations)

which is in turn part of:

which is a European E2 super-relation.  Here "operator:uk" is defined as 
"Long Distance Walkers Association", which also seems odd.

But E2 isn't mentioned here at all:


The West Midlands part of E2 seems to miss the last 6-months's updates 
that I've made to the Staffordshire Way, which would suggest that 
defining this bit of E2 in terms of the middle bit of the Staffordshire 
Way would save whoever's updating it the job of manually editing it.

It's the same with the East Midlands piece, as can be seen here:


Does anyone know where this mystery E2 is coming from?  I'm sure there 
are lots of sources on the web, but are any of them suitably licenced 
for inclusion in OSM?  I don't believe that I have ever (on the 
Staffordshire Way or the Viking Way) seen an E2 signpost on the ground.


(this question was prompted by me trying to update 
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Staffordshire_Way#Progress to say 
something sensible)

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