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On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 3:15 AM, Lester Caine <lester at lsces.co.uk> wrote:
> https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/search?q=dump
> Has a lot lower usage than disposal, but *I* don't like the use of
> 'sanitary' ... that is more of a problem than the dump/disposal question!

The tagging numbers are skewed because I tediously edited every odd variant
I could find, mostly outside of Europe.  Those included:

  name=RV Dump (with other tags)
  name=RV Dump Station (with no other tags)
  amenity=RV Dump
  amenity=fuel;dump station;convenience
  highway=service + service=dumpstation
  shop=fuel;dump station;convenience
  shop=fuel;services=dump station;mini-mart;propane
  leisure=caravan_site + note=Motorhome dump station
  recycling=waste_basket + note=RV Dump Station
  recycling=waste_basket + waste=excrement.
  amenity=waste_disposal + waste=excrement (which variously meant pump-out,
dog_bin, and dump station).
  tourism=caravan_site + note=Dumping place
  tourism=information + description=RV dump
  man_made=wastewater_plant + tag=Motorhome dumping station
  amenity=dump (mostly refers to garbage dumps, but a few were RV holding
tank emptying spots).

The term "toilets:disposal" was something I coined a few years back for
walk-up toilets.:

Some 15 odd uses of the term *elsan_point* are present: and none outside of
the UK.

Apparently some people care a lot what the name of the tag is.
I am not among those people.
I care that the feature has rational tagging, as to attract enough
interested from the osm-carto maintainers to actually render it:


This feature is glaringly missing from campground and canal maps rendered
with OSM data.

Monolithic tagging matching the desire of richardwest would be fine with me:



Plus the same for "toilets" "drinking_water", and "fuel" (in particular

In that scheme, *waterway=elsan_point* + *amenity=elsan_point* is a
sensible combination.
Access tags are need to cover the case of facilities available only to
overnight guests, since that case is so common.
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