[Talk-GB] Bletchley Park

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 11:48:35 UTC 2016


Bletchley park is in a bad state in OSM. It's obviously a site of
significant history so could do with some care and attention.

Ideally the outline of the whole complex during WW2 should be marked, but
today the site is split with the National Museum of Computing and Block D
being outside of the perimeter fence (the National Museum of Computing is
run by a different org).

Please note, Bing imagery is out of date. East of Block D the car park has
been extended (I've made a start on this). And the south east corner has
now been pulled down and converted in to homes.

Main entrance is now via Block C (this entrance isn't mapped).

Any takers? It could really do with a site survey (this can be done from
the outside but if you've never been in, it's worth a trip).

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