[Talk-GB] Notes for places removed from FHRS?

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I am more interested in the possibility that the business has closed.
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Technically these are still FHRS identifiers as old identifiers are not reused. Obviously in the case where a new business in the same premises gets an FHRS identifier then that should take precedence.

We have quite a few in Nottingham, older ones are shunted into old_fhrs:id (pretty much our local convention for historic tags).

Non-current FHRS identifiers are still extremely useful; I was able to check something for robbieonsea the other day by referring to a 2013 FHRS file.

In the ideal world we'd have a full list of FHRS Ids over time.


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Richmond has updated its FHRS records and two entries that previously appeared in the list are now reported as unresolved in the GregRS tool. Should I add notes that they are no longer in FHRS and should be checked in the ground or is adding notes from public quality assurance tools a bad idea?


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