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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Dec 21 10:28:51 UTC 2017


On 21.12.2017 10:15, Ilya Zverev wrote:
> Frederik and Tom, please explain what has been wrong with the last import, and why osm_conflate + cf_audit tools used for it (conflation + community validation) still do not attain the required quality for OSM contributions?

Your tools are certainly best on the market. Still I wish they had not
been written at all.

> How would you build a process for importing large batches of business chains? 

I am 100% against importing large batches of business chains. That data
has no place in *my* vision of OSM; it should reside in a separate open
database which anyone can choose to add to their local data set if and
when needed.

My vision of OSM is that of a grassroots movement that makes its own
decisions about the data. We decide what the fuel station around the
corner is called - not the marketing department of the fuel station
chain. Corporate interests already dictate enough of our everyday lives;
I don't want Shell to "help" me show the "right" information about their
fuel stations.

A lot is wrong with capitalism; large chains are one of those things.
Small independent shops, booksellers, or pubs *already* face
difficulties against the marketing and purchasing power of big
corporations. Your approach will ultimately lead to every last
large-chain pub in England being nicely mapped from afar, whereas the
independent pub next door has to wait until a mapper comes around. You
might say "well one pub mapped in town is better than no pub", but this
is not my opinion; I would have wished for OpenStreetMap to be a map
made by the people, not a map made by corporations large enough to hire
SEO companies to manage their online presence.

I am totally aware that "my" vision of OSM is a romantic dream and that
ultimately, OSM is going to be just another venue for big money to
battle it out, but please allow me to at least talk about this romantic
dream from time to time.

As I said, part of "growing up" is probably to toss your romantic dreams
an accept reality for what it is. I'm totally ok with you being more
grown up than me.


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