[Talk-GB] Importing Website Data

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 10:52:43 UTC 2017

On 21-Dec-17 09:28 PM, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
> A lot is wrong with capitalism; large chains are one of those things.
> Small independent shops, booksellers, or pubs *already* face
> difficulties against the marketing and purchasing power of big
> corporations. Your approach will ultimately lead to every last
> large-chain pub in England being nicely mapped from afar, whereas the
> independent pub next door has to wait until a mapper comes around. You
> might say "well one pub mapped in town is better than no pub", but this
> is not my opinion; I would have wished for OpenStreetMap to be a map
> made by the people, not a map made by corporations large enough to hire
> SEO companies to manage their online presence.

As you say - the large chains can easily map their data onto OSM.
They could even have someone do that now - no rules to say that an employee cannot do that with the permission, even encouragement of the firm.

Could even be part of their job.

This leaves more time for the local mappers or even travellers who map to add the 'unmapped' features. Like the independent shops.
  Could be made into a completion - see who can tag as many new independent shops/POI in a given time period. Like a maproulette thing.

> I am totally aware that "my" vision of OSM is a romantic dream and that
> ultimately, OSM is going to be just another venue for big money to
> battle it out, but please allow me to at least talk about this romantic
> dream from time to time.

I don't see OSM as a battleground, there is no more emphasis in one shop compared to another (yet).

I see it as a more even playing field than most things, firms can pay for larger, more obvious and/or more frequent advertising,
yet on an OSM they are all the same.

I'd rather have the data than not have the data. Or even have the data sooner rather than latter.

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