[Talk-GB] Edits in Wales

Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Thu Jul 27 12:25:18 UTC 2017

Hi Miguel,  welcome to Wales or should I say Croisi y Cymru. 

I am based in the Marches on the border so my mapping is regularly both sides of the border. I do keep an eye on mid Wales through whodidit as we are very sparse on mappers in that area. 

>I'm looking for other contributors in Wales, Ceredigion or even within
>Aberystwyth to coordinate with them to star editions here.
>For instance, I found that all street names should be tagged in Welsh
>English in the name=* as you can see in the street signals or as I
>found it
>must be in the OSM wiki [3]

I would disagree with that, I prefer to map the top name in name and then use name:cy and name:en tags. In my experience that is the norm. Experience tells me that is far easier if the name contains a single language. In Ceredigion I would expect that to be usually Cymraig. 
>Moreover, I'm taking some street level photos to upload to Mapillary
>and adding some notes [4] for future contributions.
>All feedback is welcome, I'm on Telegram too (same user as OSM) so you
>contact to me there too.

I am not sure what telegram is, the UK community hang out on IRC in #talk-gb, you are welcome to join us. 
>Cheers & happy mapping

Have fun,  and certainly visit New Quay (Under Milk Wood), while you are in Ceredigion. 

Phil. (trigpoint) 

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