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Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Fri May 19 14:53:43 UTC 2017

On Fri, 2017-05-19 at 12:22 +0100, SK53 wrote:
> Seems my earlier email was a timely reminder, We seem to be down to
> over 4,500 now. I know I can't have done more than a couple of
> thousand of these.
I have certainly seen evidence that these are simply being armchaired
with no particular overview. I had spotted some locally and decided
against changing the tags until I had the chance to review and map them

> One last note:
>  The history of the landuse=farm tag is probably a good example of
> how OSM tags get revised, changed and disappear through a gradual
> process involving evolution of mappers consensus. 
> I think the realisation that landuse=farm was ambiguous for mappers
> came even before I joined OSM in late 2008. I remember Harry Wood
> creating the photo showing differences in tagging back in 2009. Many
> mappers slowly moved over to landuse=farmyard & landuse=farmland, but
> obviously there were older objects which did not get retagged and
> some mappers will have continued the earlier usage. Only when it was
> clear that landuse=farm was a less widely used tag was the decision
> taken to remove rendering of the tag in the standard CartoCSS map,
> and it is this which is driving the current "NoFarm" project so as to
> minimise the appearance once that revision goes live.
> This may have been a relatively uncontentious change in tagging, but
> even so it shows that for any widely used set of tags achieving a
> revision in how they are used takes time. There is always a
> perception that doing things in OSM is a race against time, but I
> think in most cases this is erroneous, and particularly because OSM
> itself is not commercial. Most stuff added to OSM is immediately
> useful to someone even if data is incomplete or tagging is
> inconsistent. 
Certainly no race against time for this one, crayoning vast areas of
the countryside orange without considering field boundaries has no
particular value IMHO.

Phil (trigpoint)
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