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Wed Apr 3 18:59:12 UTC 2019

Saw this on the local news last night. A 30+ mile diversion is going to cause a few problems over Easter if they can't get it sorted. I am not that close but have mapped this area a bit in the past.

No real view either way on adding the restriction to OSM. Good for users who keep their data up-to-date but potentially not so good for people who update infrequently.


On Wed, Apr 3, 2019, at 5:51 PM, ael via Talk-GB wrote:
> With some hesitation, I have just added access = no to New Bridge
> in Gunnislake.
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/608610775
> This is one of only two major routes across the lower Tamar, so it is
> of major importance for routing applications.
> The bridge has been closed after an accident damaged the structure, and
> it has been suggested that may be shut until 1st May.
> I know the area fairly well, and I believe that I had edited the bridge 
> several times in the past, although the history now only seems to go back
> for around a year with edits from non local (armchair?) mappers.
> The relevance of that comment is that I am not aware of any very local
> mappers.
> Anyway, have I overlooked a way to tag a temporary restriction like
> this? I have put a note in my dairy to remind me to check the tagging in
> a week or two, but I could still forget ... which would be unfortunate
> :-)
> ael
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