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The interactive map on the plusbus site, e.g. http://www.plusbus.info/clacton-on-s perhaps has a better display as it shows the individual stops and perhaps rather than having the area mapped we should add a naptan tag to the stop nodes (for signposted stops I tend to just add naptancode and atcocode for stops that are new since the original import, e.g.






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Like Andy I can find these useful, particularly as the ones on local PTE websites are very difficult to interpret. However, they suffer from the deficiencies of being a) unmaintained on OSM; b) not necessarily reflecting multiple bus pass zones; c) being fairly crude hulls of bus stops in the zone.


I quickly made this comparison <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:Ng_payscalearea.png>  between the NAPTAN pay_scale_area (plusbuszone) for Nottingham (orange) and two concave hulls calculated with different parameters in QGIS (cyan (0.2) and blue (0.15)). All Naptan stops have a field imported into OSM as naptan:PlusbusZoneRef, that for Nottingham being NTNG which is what I used to identify bus stops for calculating the area.


Thus providing information is held on bus stops or (tram & train stops) for a given transport zone  these zones can be derived from other data in OSM, and indeed can be derived in such as way as to be more informative (e.g. excluding sea for coastal towns). It may be worth discussing other ways to store information about bus pass zones.




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On 04/04/2019 11:05, Philip Barnes wrote:
> I believe they were the zones covered by plusbus tickets.
I believe (and Stuart will know far more about this than me!) they 
predate the widescale adoption of PlusBus in the UK. Certainly when 
PlusBus was introduced in Chesterfield it didn't match the existing pay 
scale area, and since then neither current pay scale area (there is a 
small and a large one) operated by the local monopoly bus company 
matches the pay scale area that was in OSM before I deleted it.

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