[Talk-GB] Importing NaPTAN Data [Thread 2]

Ed Loach edloach at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 12:47:23 UTC 2019

Stuart wrote:

> Even more so in bus stations. The name Derby Bus Station (actually 
> just "Bus Station” in the locality of Derby) applies equally to all 29 
> bays in the bus station. “Bay 1” through “Bay 29” are the indicators.

Agreed this is useful when adding the stops for the mapper, but unless we are going to keep updating the naptan information fields as well as the OSM fields, isn't the naptancode (or atcocode) sufficient to check the latest information? Take for example this bus stop, imported ages ago:
It has "naptan:Indicator"="Stop T" but "local_ref"="Fa" which might well be in the naptan indicator field now, but for a local mapper they are more likely to update local_ref to what is signposted when it changes than look at the naptan fields. And I don't think "opp" or "adj" belong in local ref.

What has been useful when adding routes is stop bearing, but again I can check this in NaPTAN data from the reference - it should be obvious in OSM from looking at the map. However I did find a few sections of very roughly traced roads that were the wrong side of the stops when I was creating the route relations, which I used the stop bearing and aerial imagery to sort out. 

Also, I suspect some latitudes and longitudes have been refined in NaPTAN since stops were first imported. I was creating one route where the stops showed as in the middle, or behind, the buildings fronting the road.


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