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Hi Martin,

So, it's your own route relation. Nice....myself, I would code something in
python to match using the OSM API so that it is easily rerunnable. Then I
would publish as geojson.

(Also, this is similar to the Slow Ways being discussed again in another

On Sat, 12 Dec 2020, 13:16 Martin - CycleStreets, <
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> Hi everyone,
> I'm currently looking at a dataset with a view to it being published, that
> defines a set of routes (various streets and paths), not physically marked
> on the ground, i.e. they are subjective rather than objective. The aim is
> to publish this as a dataset that then other people using OSM could then
> easily use in routing engines to favour the specific paths. In other
> words,
> have some way of referencing the preferred ways easily, avoiding the need
> for any kind of GIS-based map-matching.
> The data is currently just an overlay manually drawn over a digital map
> background, but the underlying map hasn't actually been used in any way to
> decide on the network or check things back home. There are no IP issues in
> my view - it's just a set of route preferences. The lines can be redrawn
> from scratch if necessary.
> Do people have any tips on how best to create and maintained a linked
> dataset?
> I've been considering a few options:
> - Load all the data in the area in QGIS using a Geofabrik extract, and
> manually remove everything that isn't relevant, leaving the desired
> network
> only, from which the OSM IDs can be extracted
> - Use some kind of QGIS process to match the locations with some kind of
> key/value filtering, with some kind of 10-20m buffer.
> Do people think it's better to publish a list of OSM IDs or as GeoJSON,
> which would obviously contain the IDs but also have the benefit of
> visually
> showing the routes?
> I'm aware obviously the data could become unmatched over time, as OSM
> changes, e.g. a way is split or paths added that add more detail.
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