[Talk-GB] Google maps added addresses!

Chris Hodges chris at c-hodges.co.uk
Tue Dec 29 20:05:10 UTC 2020

Try living at no. 28 in London when there's a 20A then.  And hope the 
other house orders lots of pizza

Those houses are set back from the road and Google has only a few 
numbers, mostly in the right front gardens.  OSM doesn't have numbers or 
outlines, but I haven't lived there for over 20 years so to fix it would 
be a purely armchair job.

Here we have a new 2A that I would have called 0 because it's the wrong 
side of 2. I don't know why your 20A isn't 19A (or 18A) but infill is 
rarely logical, even if it's done by knocking everything down

On 29/12/2020 19:47, Andrew Black wrote:
> On 28/12/2020 17:11, Russ Garrett wrote:
>> It's definitely not entirely from Street View - there is
>> (inconsistent) numbering on some private roads which lack street view
>> coverage, including my own.
> Ilive in a house with a number and a letter (say 20). The houses are 
> number wierdly
> |  20A  |  20 | 21 |
> Google have it as
> |  20 |  20A | 21 |
> You cant read the number on streetview (though maybe internally they 
> have a higher resolution than showing us). But you can see the A. 
> Quite a few other errors.  I once had a driver say "parcel for 20" "no 
> this is 20A". "it must be 20 because my phone says so!" "But  I lived 
> here before you had a smartphone"
> Maybe a combination a semi reliable source and interpolation.
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