[Talk-GB] Tracing buildings under trees

ndrw6 ndrw6 at redhazel.co.uk
Wed Dec 30 19:41:58 UTC 2020

Same as with poor quality imagery that was rather common until recently. If you are certain there is a building in there - map it, just reduce the level of details. A simple rectangle will do. If not - skip it. At some point the imagery will improve (in your case photos taken in the winter would help) and the building can be added/refined.

Surveys are helpful but, as they are time consuming, I reserve them for PoIs and addresses rather than using them for mapping building shape details.


On 30 December 2020 18:49:30 GMT, Mat Attlee <mattattlee at gmail.com> wrote:
>What approaches do people have for tracing buildings under trees? Today
>noticed a shelter in one of my local parks which hasn't been traced and
>took some photos of it but when I got home and had a look on the Bing
>satellite images it's obscured by all the trees.
>Now that I think about it I could just create a GPS trace walking
>the structure and then create its shape from that or use Vespucci and
>phone's GPS to determine the coordinates for the building's corners?
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