[Talk-GB] UPRN Locations Map

Dan Glover dan at dgsys.co.uk
Thu Jul 2 21:24:39 UTC 2020

On 2020-07-02 19:52, SK53 wrote:

> I've also had a quick look, and your hints are quite useful.

Very much agreed, thanks Robert.

> One thing I've noticed is UPRNs which I suspect are for building
> shells. So there's a house which has recently been converted into
> student housing with a hair transplant surgery on the ground floor.
> This has 3 UPRNs. The next property down is a small parade of 4 shops
> with 3 office units above and this has a total of 10 UPRNs. The next
> parade of 6 shops has 7 UPRNs. At least one is the shell, or possibly
> the land parcel on which the property sits.

Not sure whether this list accepts images, so I'll use words. Near here 
is a three-storey building built in the 1970s as a branch of Tesco. It 
closed and was converted to 5 shops and 20 flats in the mid-1980s. One 
of the markers shows a contiguous block of 20 UPRNs, plus one with a 
slightly higher number and another in a completely different range. The 
flats are leasehold, as might be expected, but the residential part of 
the building also has an overall leasehold and is managed separately 
from the retail units. Unfortunately I can't find a way to decode them 
further - the local planning system doesn't show UPRNs.

> Post boxes, substations, patches of grass (I presume), and bus stops
> are things I've spotted.[...]

I suppose local practice may vary. Post boxes, yes, bus stop coverage 
seems patchy around here (Canterbury District Council) but beach huts 
and individual kiosks on the pier appear along with some statues/art 
installations. There are a few markers in a car park which may be 
payment machines - and one is on the beach but doesn't correspond to any 
known feature - it could be the beach itself has a UPRN!


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