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>From Wikidata, https://m.wikidata.org/wiki/Property:P8399 if you query the
UK Flood service with the UPRN you can see more detail on the property

On Sat, 4 Jul 2020, 08:52 Stephen Colebourne, <scolebourne at joda.org> wrote:

> I'm not convinced this data should be pulled into OSM. It would add a lot
> of clutter that users would be tempted to move around or delete. In areas
> like mine where I've added thousands of buildings and addresses from
> surveys, it would be making matters worse not better. It would be a
> disincentive to adding more buildings with addresses as the additional
> nodes would get in the way of editing, and because they represent a semi
> random set of things. Because the dataset is fixed I would think it should
> be a layer used alongside OSM by those tools that think it adds value.
> Ideally, OSM itself should support layers, but AFAIK it doesn't.
> Stephen
> PS. Thanks for the slippy map!
> On Thu, 2 Jul 2020, 17:38 Robert Whittaker (OSM lists), <
> robert.whittaker+osm at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm not completely sure if/how we can best make use of the new OS
>> OpenData (UPRNs, USRNs and related links) in OpenStreetMap, but as a
>> first step I've set up a quick slippy map with the UPRN locations
>> shown:
>> https://osm.mathmos.net/addresses/uprn/ (zoom in to level 16 to show the
>> data)
>> The UPRN dataset literally just contains the UPRN number and its
>> coordinates (both OS National Grid and WGS lat/lon). There are some
>> additional linking datasets that link these ids to other ids (e.g.
>> USRNs, TOIDs). But no address information is available directly. (You
>> may be able to get street names by matching to OS Open Roads via TOIDs
>> though. Coupled with Code-Point Open, you might be able to assign
>> quite a few postcodes in cases where there's only one unit for a whole
>> street.)
>> The UPRN data has already helped me find a mapping error I made
>> locally though -- it looks like I'd accidentally missed drawing a
>> house outline from aerial imagery, and also classified a large garage
>> a few doors down as a house. The two errors cancelled out when the
>> houses were numbered sequentially, so I didn't notice until now. Today
>> though I spotted a UPRN marker over some blank space on the map, and
>> no marker over the mapped house that's probably a garage.
>> Now a few initial thoughts on the data that I've explored so far:
>> I believe that the UPRNs are assigned by local authorities, so
>> conventions may vary from place to place. I don't know who actually
>> assigns the coordinates (authority or OS). Looking at those for rows
>> of houses around me, they don't seem to have been automatically given
>> coordinates from the house footprint, it looks more like someone
>> manually clicking on a map.
>> The UPRN dataset should include all addressable properties. It is also
>> ahead of reality in some places, as it includes locations for houses
>> on a new development near me that have yet to be built yet. For blocks
>> of apartments/flats, the UPRN nodes may all have the same coordinates
>> or may be displaced from each other, possibly in an artificial manner.
>> Other objects also appear to have UPRNs. Likely things I've noticed so
>> far include: car parks, post boxes, telephone boxes (even after
>> they've been removed), electricity sub-stations, roads and recorded
>> footpaths (the UPRN locations seem to be at one end of the street, so
>> usually lie at a junction), recreation grounds / play areas,
>> floodlight poles (around sports pitches), and allotments. There's no
>> information about the object type in the UPRN data unfortunately.
>> Anyway, I hope some of this is useful / interesting. I hope to be on
>> the OSMUK call on Saturday to discuss things further. Best wishes,
>> Robert.
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