[Talk-GB] UPRN tag proposal page

Nick nick at foresters.org
Tue Jul 21 11:42:33 UTC 2020

Hi Lester

Rob has suggested a matching USRN tag

You make a good point regarding upper and lower case. Perhaps the tag 
should be ref:GB:UPRN in line with normal convention of referring to 
UPRN in upper case?


On 21/07/2020 10:34, Lester Caine wrote:
> On 20/07/2020 22:11, Rob Nickerson wrote:
>> If there are no red flags I will move for a vote.
> Looks sensible to me but will there be a matching usrn tag?
> I see the occasional use of :gb: on other tags and any 'convention' on 
> upper or lower case is possibly an international one, but I'm not sure 
> anything actually says the country code being upper case trumps the 
> convention of tags being lower case? I'm a long time PHP user where 
> the case is agnostic anyway in many cases but again that is not 
> specified here either ...

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