[Talk-in] Time for consensus

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at au-kbc.org
Wed Oct 15 13:29:29 BST 2008

On Wednesday 15 October 2008 03:16:21 pm PlaneMad wrote:
> Kenneth, the issue i see in tagging a road according to its condition is
> that its state changes very frequently. the condition of roads here go from
> excellent to no road and back in a period of a year. whereas its importance
> will never change, nh67 is and will remain the preferred route even if it
> is reduced to a dirt track because it is a strategic highway. now suppose
> the govt relays nh67 who will update it on the map? so unless we have a
> dedicated team travelling through every road everyday we will never know
> the actual condition of the road?

I travel on nh 67 every day - I will look after it. And after every other road 
I map.

Kenneth Gonsalves

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