[Talk-in] A-GPS as GPS

H.S.Rai hs at raiandrai.com
Sat May 29 07:50:41 BST 2010

For mapping mobiles with GPS are seems to be good resource. My question is:

It seems that Android will rule and Linux bases mobiles may not become
a reality.

Can A-GPS be used as GPS?

Background of this question is as:

In market there are many Android (unable to find Linux bases) based mobiles:

LG GW620 Rs. 15500/-
Samsung Glaxy Spica GT i5700 13000/-
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 31500/-

All are having A-GPS, and sales man says one need to subscribe and pay
monthly for use of navigational through A-GPS.

However, my impression is that A-GPS should also be able to used as
GPS (not working indoor and long fixing time), but sales person can
confirm that.

Is there anyone who uses A-GPS as GPS and confirm that A-GPS on such
mobiles can be used as GPS or vendor has restricted that option.


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