[Talk-in] The new CT/ODBL license

Arun Ganesh arun.planemad at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 10:08:41 BST 2011

There has been a firestorm on the main lists regarding the ODBL migration,
so I thought of bringing it up here, since we are now on the verge of the

In short this is what's happening with the osm license:

And here is the current license status of osm edits in India:

The project is currently in the penultimate phase of the license
implementation plan<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Open_Data_License/Implementation_Plan#PHASE_4_-_.22Decline.22_accounts_deactivated._.28Phase_3_.2B_at_least_8_weeks_subject_to_critical_mass.29>.
Edits by contributers who have not accepted the new license will not see
their contributions carried forward when the migration to odbl happens and
will no longer be able to edit osm.

To be honest, I've gone with the flow and accepted the new contributer terms
without breaking my head too much. I have trust in the OSMF that there are
enough smart guys and lawyers in there to know whats best for the future of
the project. My view is that the migration was inevitable, given how the cc
license is not suitable for a database, so this had to happen at some point.

I have been sending messages to those who have not yet accepted the new CT's
in India and found that many of some had their own opinions and others were
not sure what was happening. Let this be a space to discuss any differences
and decide whats the best way forward and maximize acceptance of the new

PS: You can accept the new CT/license from your osm profile page if you
havent already done so: http://openstreetmap.org/user/terms

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