[Talk-in] Data loss due to license change

Arun Ganesh arun.planemad at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 06:19:29 BST 2012

I think the osm redaction bot has finished cleaning up India and removed
all non-odbl data.

>From this: http://odbl.de/india.html , I think we lost roughly 2% of the
data due to the license switch, a good part being in central and south
Bangalore, due to user:pynam and user:chfrangers who did not accept the new
license. Its unfortunate that we lost the work of so many, I had tried
sending them emails and even hunting them on facebook, but without response.

In any case, i guess this is all for the better and the new license opens
up a lot more opportunities for using the osm data. There's a lot of
cleanup to do especially in Bangalore due to the missing roads. does anyone
know where we could get the details of what parts were removed so that it
can be fixed?

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