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Since you are there, can you take a gps tracker to a few of these locations? That might give ua a more authoritative source for offset correction. 

Btw, I hope you meant Bing imagery, not their mapping service.

Thanks for your work! Have a good trip here!

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I'm an Australian looking at a holiday in India. So I downloaded a map of India (OSM sourced of course). I was dissapointed by the auto routing .. so I looked at the OSM source to find that quite a few roads were not correctly connected. So I've been doing some 'editorials' or 'housekeeping' as I call it. Basicly connecting roads together, adding bridges (using bing to check them first of course). 

For 'error' checking/indication I use http://tools.geofabrik.de/osmi/?lon=75&lat=28&zoom=6 .. you have to use the left side box to check various things .. it comes up in default as 'geometry' .. 'routing' is what I use .. it is not infallable but a good indication. 'Highways' is also usefull. I use JOSM as my editor and use its validator to obtain the places where things are not connected or crossing. 

I also looked at the Red Fort in Agra .. one contributor has used one offset in their mapping, while another has used a different offset (comparing using bing). I do realise that there is a shadow effect due to the side ways look of bing there. But even so they don't match up. I'm thinking of trying to tide it up. Unfortunatly neither contributor has detailed the source of their information so I cannot judge which is better. Thus I'm inclinde to simple go with Bing .. with no offset. 

I've made few additions in places of interest to me. One road I have deleted -- it was not conneted on eitehr end and went through some tall buildings .. an obvious error. But mostly connectinmg roads and adding brigdges. Oh .. and a few railway crossings. 

Thanks for you work to the OSM map 
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