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On 21/1/21 4:22 pm, संकेत गराडे via Talk-in wrote:
> Thanks for the response.
> > More detailed is better.. as it has more information.
> > So a separate node of area for the toilets is better than a tag on the
> > building as it indicates where in the building the toilets are.
> This, I understand, is fine for structures where there are sub-parts 
> ,eg. such as a toilet inside a building.
> But say, there is just one standalone grocery shop, then
> 1. do I directly tag the building area with the shop name and its 
> address etc.
> Or
> 2. Let the building area ( ie. The square shape) be as it is, without 
> any tags. And add another node, say in front of the grocery store, and 
> give the name, address etc. tags to that node.
> Which of the above 2 is a better or standard practice?

People do either.

I prefer to map the building foot print and then tag that as 
building=retail (or what ever type of building it is)

Then put a node inside the building and tag that shop=grocery, name=*, 
and anything else that you have. Reason why I do this is shops move from 
building to building so a node is easier as that leaves the building behind.

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