[Talk-it] Local Chapters WorkingGroup meeting -- GFOSS anyone?

David Paleino dapal at debian.org
Tue Dec 7 09:29:25 GMT 2010

On Mon, 6 Dec 2010 11:37:49 +0100, Simone Cortesi wrote:

> se c'e' qualcuno interessato...
> [..]

Nei requirements per i Local Chapters, leggo:

Local chapters must:
- have bylaws that describe their mission as supporting OpenStreetMap or open
  geodata in general similar to the OSMF.
- be an officially incorporated legal entity in their country. (Otherwise there
  would be nobody to sign an agreement with. If you don't have a legal entity
  you can still be part of OSM in general or a member of OSMF, but you can't
  form a local chapter.)
- be democratically organised, i.e. they must be membership organisations
  where members have voting rights. (The details on how this would be done are
  dependent on local laws etc.)
- be non-profit. (In some countries it is easy to get formal non-profit status,
  in others its rather difficult and/or can take some time to achieve. So its
  not required that an organisation must be formally non-profit according to
  the laws of their country, but it must be clear from the bylaws.)
- name a representative as primary contact point with OSMF.

Local chapters should:
- have at least 20 members. (This is to ensure some form of stability. Some
  countries also have rules on the minimum number of members for a membership
  organisation. Its not an absolute rule to allow for exceptions, local chapter
  Antarctica anyone?)

Secondo *me*, è chiaramente un ritratto di GFOSS.it ("open geodata in general",
"officially incorporated legal entity", ...).
GFOSSini: sapete niente della proposta di Local Chapter OSM in GFOSS? So che
tempo fa se ne discuteva (e anche di recente qui in ML).
Cosa manca per attuarla? Ci sono ostacoli, manca "forza lavoro", cosa?

L'ideale sarebbe che qualcuno di GFOSS partecipi al meeting che Simone ha
forwardato. Personalmente, non sono interessato al mondo GIS in generale, ma
solo OSM, quindi non mi sono ancora associato.. (e quindi non posso parlare a
nome di GFOSS). Nel caso diventasse local chapter, e ci fosse una sorta di
membership separata per gli OSMer, potrei pensarci :)


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