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Emilie Laffray emilie.laffray @ gmail.com
2009年 9月 24日 (木) 19:22:09 BST

Shun N. Watanabe wrote:
> Hello, Emilie,
> Thank you for your advice.
You are welcome. Thank you for responding.
> I have once checked those special projection UTM20N somewhat, but 
> documentations about those are all written in French. I have just understood
> its a Mercator projection used in islands of Caribean, I have not understood 
> what is special.
UTM projections are localized projections where you can calculate values
very easily in metric system if I am not mistaken. Until recently, each
country was using its special projection to get their map to look right.
They were usually centered on different towns for the French antilles.
>> For Lambert, you may want to translate only the words coordinates (座標),
>> crosspiece, and zone.
> Lambert is one of famous projections known in Japan. It is known as "ランベルト".
Thank you for giving me the name in Katakana.

Emilie Laffray

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