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2013年 2月 9日 (土) 12:00:38 GMT


僕も Daniel さんと賛成します。今の Daniel の制度が日本の住所にあまり適当 

韓国は日本と同じ住所制度があると聞きました。OSM 韓国でどう名づけられるかな…

しょう。いまウィキペディアの記事だけ読みましたが、事実がもっと 複雑と思 

じゃ、とりあえず addr:full 使ってみよう。


Am 09.02.2013 03:09, schrieb Daniel Kastl:
> Hi all,
> That's a topic I like. Thanks!
> And sorry for writing in English, but then I can better explain, I think.
> First of all I think tagging an address with "addr:street" is not a 
> good idea in Japan.
> In Europe and US an address is defined by City + Street + House Nr., 
> but in Japan the address system is different.
> So in my opinion it would be bad to try to fit a Japanese address in 
> the wrong address system.
> Address databases have a high value, for example for geocoding. So I 
> think we should do it right. It's not only for rendering a house 
> number on the map ;-)
> The OSM tagging is flexible and open to new tags if existing ones 
> don't fit. Probably we need something new (tags and also input forms)
> Japanese addresses have a "block" hierarchy. When you work with 
> address data in Japan it is usually categorized with short names such 
> as: pref, city, oaza, chiban ...
> So naming like this would only work in Japan. But you could translate 
> it to something like:
> addr:prefecture
> addr:city
> addr:district
> addr:block
> addr:house
> Maybe then it also works in other countries with a block address system.
> But my point is, that we need to split the address into the parts of 
> the address system.
> To make it even more complicated, it's common that "マンション" 
> buildings have beautiful names.
> And of course addresses are written in Kanji as well as Kana.
> If this is all too complicated I agree with Ikiya-san and would just tag
> addr:full= 名古屋市中村区名駅4-7-1
> addr:postcode=450-0002
> Daniel
> PS: Kana writing in addresses can be quite important for sorting 
> addresses by name.

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