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Tijdens het bewerken van de wiki stuitte ik op de volgende post op de
van de kaarteigenschappen<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/NL_talk:Kaarteigenschappen>.
Omdat niet iedereen deze pagina zal volgen leek het me handig om dit bericht
op de mailinglist te plaatsen.

Spaces in refs

Well, as far as I saw it a few days ago (in real life ;-)), you also have
spaces in the references of your highways: it's A 2 (not A2). See these two
images ([[:File:A2vught.JPG|A2vught.JPG]], [[:File:Rijksweg A2 Knooppunt
Hintam (Den Bosch).jpg|Rijksweg A2 Knooppunt Hintam (Den Bosch).jpg]]; more
to find on commons, flickr etc.) as examples. It's a question of better
reading ... the people writing the signs know that. And we map ways the way
they are to find in reality - not the way, a software can handle the
names/references better. We changed this in germany, it's also changed in
France. It would be nice to change it in the netherlands too according to
reality. Greetings (and sorry for writing in english here) --
[[User:Schusch|Schusch]] 14:14, 28 December 2010 (UTC)

Kunnen we hier wat mee?

Groet, Remco
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