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2008/12/5 maning sambale <emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com>

> Yesterday I was asked by a colleague to plot planned routes for a
> series of trips around Mindanao complete with optimal route, length
> and time of travel.  How the heck do I do that?
> And so I tried OSM's routing service: http://www.yournavigation.org/
> Since this helped a couple of times plotting my routes in Metro Manila
> it might be also good for Mindanao.
> NO, you just can't do that yet.
> For example try plotting a route from Davao City to Mati (or any other
> destination outside Davao City) you get an error.  Why?
> The tools are there the applications are limitless.  We just need good
> quality and open access data.
> Luckily, I have Garmin Mapsource and phroadguide (
> http://www.freewebs.com/phroadguide/ ).

Try Davao City to Makati... It at least manages part of the route... The
problem isn't no data, it's holes in the data (some admittedly very big)...
The routing software does of course need roads to route you down and as of
right now, the road network, even major road network, is lacking for most of
the Philippines... It's not just the Philippines, lots of places in the
world are lacking sufficient data to allow routing... So... What can be
done? Well... only one thing to do, add more data :)... So, either Maning
needs to go on some wild road trips, some people need to join OSM that go on
these road trips and have a GPS (Anyone got any bus driver friends? ;)),
generally, recruit more people to OSM from around the Philippines, or, a
free, open or license compatible source of the road network information
needs to be discovered, if such a thing exists... Personally, I think all
the options should be pursued ;)... Whatever is done, it won't happen
overnight, Rome and the open map of the Philippines weren't built
overnight... but... it will come as has been seen in other countries... The
amazing progress that has been made over the past year in the Philippines,
especially around Manila, is no doubt attracting new people all the time...
It will come, but, some patience is still needed while you continue mapping
yourself and recruiting new mappers to OSM :)

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