[talk-ph] Cebu tracks.

Jim Morgan jim at datalude.com
Wed Dec 31 07:50:13 GMT 2008

Well thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I'd already finished my tracks the hard way by the time I read your post, so I'll have to use it next time. Anyway, the national highway is now in place northbound from Cebu, and the tiny 1km by 2km island of Malapascua now probably has the most detailed cartographic representation anywhere on the internet! 

By the way, if you ever fancy a remote island getaway, its an awesome place. 

In doing this, I've noticed that the major impediment to mapping in OpenStreetMap is the level of detail of satellite images on Yahoo. I could have filled in a lot more information if I was allowed to use the higher res images on Google Earth for eg, but that isn't possible of course. I think this will hold back our efforts in the Philippines unless we can think of some way around this. 

I don't think Yahoo is in a position to be lobbied to provide more coverage at the moment, and what with Jerry Yang's departure, the future of the company is looking unsure. I think we need to find another source of satellite imagery which we can use, or at least reduce the dependency on Yahoo. 


Maning Sambale wrote, On Monday, December 29, 2008 09:24 PM:
>> So, I've just processed the first track by using JOSM. I basically used the grey dots for a guide, and then clicked my way 40 km along the road with the way creation tool. Was that what I was meant to do? Seems a laborious way of doing it, but the data is in there now. 
> In JOSM you can, right-click the gpx file in the layer window and
> convert to data layer.  The whole gpx is now a way which you can add
> tags or simplify the geometry, by deleting points.
> You can simplify a way using the simplify plugin.

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