[talk-ph] Suggestion for unbarricaded one-way street corners

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First, sorry for screwing up some edits that I made over the past month in Pampanga (since I was trying to add the Pan-Philipine Highway relation ( http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/115372 ) from the Dolores flyover [which you've mentioned earlier] to the Carredo area in Manila, and upgrading the stretch of MacArthur Highway to trunk from Dolores flyover (again) to somewhere in Valenzuela City). Second, you have to use the comments 

Anyway, regarding the unbarricaded street corners, editing it can be a bit tough. I'll try to find a way on what to in that situation (since I've almost never experienced that scenario).

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Hi, everyone!

I've noticed that the parts of McArthur Highway in the City of San
Fernando, Pampanga (in the vicinity of the Dolores Flyover) where the
highway is split into 2 one-way roads are not properly connected to the
side streets.  I've taken the liberty of connecting side streets to BOTH
one-way roads, where such is applicable (McArthur Highway for the most
part has no center island but has been divided in the middle in some
parts of the city).

At this time (September 2009, for future reference), EDSA is the rule
(or is it the exception?) where side-streets USUALLY are not connected
to both one-way sides, but some main avenues do cross both sides of EDSA
and are therefore connected to both.

Perhaps you know of ways that are similar to the portion of McArthur
Highway that I've mentioned above and you might be able to correct the

I noticed this issue because my Nuvi keeps telling me to turn right on
McArthur and then make a U-turn at some point (the opposite way is not
connected to our village's main road) because my route is to turn left
at McArthur outside our village.

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