[talk-ph] ideas for tracking stepjuan's journey (Fwd: STEPJUAN Bai: A walking expedition for Children with Cancer)

Jim Morgan jim at datalude.com
Sat Mar 5 04:59:15 GMT 2011

maning sambale wrote, On Friday, 04 March, 2011 08:06 PM:
> This year he is planning to do the Visayas leg.  I'm looking for ideas
> on how we can once again track the journey and show a webmap.  Are
> there any GPS tracker available wherein we can directly interface to
> an OSM map?   The StepJuan crew is looking for sponsorships, if you
> have ideas, just post em here.

You might be able to persuade Globe to give you a sponsorship. They have a GPS tracking system which you might be able to use. Not sure how it would integrate with OSM though. 




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