[talk-ph] IEEE Conference in Montreal, ShareSlide available, HOT Response to Haiyan and Ebola outbreak

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Thu Jun 5 23:39:59 UTC 2014


At the IEEE conference in Montreal, june 1.  I presented the two recent Activations for the Haiyan Typhoon in Philippines and  the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Below is the link to the Shareslide of my presentation where someVideos are inserted.


I wanted to show the context of intervention when respond to such 
humanitarian crisis, how the OSM community progressed rapidly and 
offered innovative products. The contributions in collaboration with the Red Cross (Tacloban) and with 
CartONG / MSF and Red Cross (Ebola outbreak) were awesome.  The various 
products and services provided to the humanitarians made the difference 
as expressed by the various media updates.   A study has been presented 
recently by REACH about the Damage assessments made by the OSM community for the Haiyan Typhoon. Like all the other organizations that did these assessments, we used satellite imagery of 50 cm resolution of poor 
quality. In storm related events, this is a real problem. You can 
appreciate with the various comparisons of imagery presented. 

Progress has been made to assure usability of OSM data for the humanitarian 
organizations and Wireless applications offer a good potential to 
progress in this direction.  As more projects are developped with the 
humanitarian community, we should progress with more usability of the 
OSM data in the future activations, and respond
to the needs of these organizations in quite challenging operational 

Every new intervention is different and the international community has to 
improvize and respond rapidly.  About lessons learned, let's hope that 
we will be able to find ways to even better integrate the remote 
participation of the OpenStreetMap community with the UN Agencies and 
International organizations in the future.

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