[Talk-scotland] Edinburgh - Belgrave Terrace/Clermiston Terrace

Colin Paton cozzarp at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 16:40:09 UTC 2015


Thanks all for help!

I made an edit to follow Eric's suggestion and have added name:right -
following a further look I noticed that there are in fact two signs at the
end of Clermiston Road - as has been suggested, Belgrave Terrace appears to
only refer to the tenements that are there.

It's improved but searching for "Belgrace Terrace Edinburgh" shows
"Clermiston Road" in Nominatim - which might be confusing to the
uninitiated. Perhaps an improvement to Nominatim might be to show "Belgrave
Terrace (Clermiston Road)" or similar.

Gregory - I wondered if a similar solution to yours would be to name the
tenement building - this would mean it would show on the map.

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