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Regarding the copyright message - surely they'll need some sort of base 
map to place all of these POIs on. Where do they get a map that doesn't 
require any attribution?

On 01/06/2017 13:17, Colin Paton wrote:
> Hello all,
> I went along briefly yesterday to the "Wayfinding session" to see what 
> it's all about. My understanding is:
> - Edinburgh council is spending too much money on Ordnance survey 
> maps, so they've decided to have their own royalty free map. This map 
> will be used to provide graphics for on street signs, event maps, 
> tourist maps given away by hotels etc.
> - The sessions were to encourage people with knowledge of Edinburgh to 
> place stickers on a large map, to show places of interest. Someone was 
> from a cycling organisation, so it was suggested that cycle parking 
> could be stickered.
> - The paper map would be photographed, and then taken away and drawn 
> onto their computer.
> - Two people from Lothian buses were there. They pointed out that 
> rather than place stickers of bus stop locations they would email an 
> Excel spreadsheet of bus stops, and the City ID people said they would 
> enter that into their "system". They also pointed out that Lothian 
> buses had a detailed map from their own survey. However, there seemed 
> to be politics involved - in that the City ID people were working with 
> Transport for Edinburgh which (if I understood correctly) was a 
> separate organisation from Lothian Buses, therefore couldn't use the map.
> - City ID appear to be primarily graphic designers who will design the 
> look of these maps.
> - It appeared that the mapping would be done using Adobe Illustrator 
> using different layers to represent different items. I asked if they 
> used tools like ArcGIS, but I understood they hadn't heard of this.
> I raised the point that OSM already appeared to have the data they 
> wanted and it seemed a waste of money to resurvey the whole of 
> Edinburgh. The objections were:
> "The licence for OSM isn't compatible with what we are trying to do... 
> (Questioning by me)....yes - it requires a copyright message to be 
> placed on the maps so we cannot use it"
> "Open street map will become out of date whereas our map will be added 
> to and kept up to date by the council and stakeholders with an 
> interest in mapping Edinburgh"
> "The council cannot control what is added to OSM".
> "The council will not own the data in OSM".
> "We cannot guarantee where the OSM data has come from and might be 
> sued by Google and cannot prove that their data was not used. We have 
> been doing a street survey ourselves and have photographs taken in the 
> survey to show where the data came from"
> I said that the MESH project had already spent a considerable amount 
> of time mapping Edinburgh via what I understood to be public funding, 
> and it seemed to be a waste of public money to do this all again. They 
> said "Maybe then we can take their data".
> I post my understanding of the project here as I think it would be of 
> interest to members of this list.
> Colin
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