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>  I don't see that the Wiki is self-contradictory in this case; it quite clearly states the convention for US and US Interstate highway refs.  

yes, but the wiki isn't free of errors and can't be used as absolute reference. Who wrote it? was it based on wide agreement?

>   Is there a good argument to omitting the state abbreviation from the ref?   Will the end result of changing to just a number be usable by the "Highway Shields" project?   The common reference "County road 49" comes to mind, and how can county, state and US highways be distinguished from each other?

don't tag for the renderer!
If it's absolutely needed use a special namespace e.g. hwshields:* and never hijack existing well defined tags.  btw google, yahoo maps render state hw with numbers only. But they don't do state specific shields. I do like the current rendering where we clearly see when a route crosses state borders. If it's just for that reason I don't mind to keep the state prefix even that it is wrong. But if there is any strong reason to remove it then let's do it.

>    I have no opinion - it would be good to agree on the highway and route relation tagging conventions.

hw relations are not used by any renderer or software I know of. 
and after all the highway shields project is practically dead. there was one dirty hack which will never make it upstream. a really bad reason to stick to dirty relation tagging as defined in the wiki.
it's a chicken egg situation. without having an acceptable standard very unlikely a renderer will ever implement the use of the hw relation.

Any volunteering to organize a working group to discuss the highway tagging, agree on a standard and document it on the wiki. 
changing the osm DB can be done easily with some (semi)automatic edits later.

> -------------- Original message from Nathan Edgars II <neroute2 at gmail.com>: -------------- 
> > >The reasons for the revert was because NE2 had changed many segments of SC 
> > >state highway ref tags from “SC xx” to “xx” that I had added. This is 
> > >counter to what the US highway wiki states, and there are good reasons for 
> > >keeping the “SC” in SC , which I don't want to get into here. I was not 
> > >offered any explanation why my edits were changed. 
> > 
> > The wiki is so self-contradictory that I'm sure it does state that in 
> > one place, and the opposite in another place. Every time I've tried to 
> > get a discussion going on improving this, there's been no interest. 
> > I believe I only changed those routes I was making other changes to. 
> > (By the way, I omit the state for the same reason we don't see "UK A1" 
> > - it's clear what's meant by a simple alphanumeric designation.) 
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