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On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 5:22 PM, Al Haraka <alharaka at gmail.com> wrote:

> I think these are all great ideas.  For the benefit of the list, what
> do you see as a complete project?  I will try to add proposals if I
> can think of some, and work on the obvious points like participating.
> Haha.  As the Stones said, if you try sometimes . . .

Hmm.  So the sweeping overall goals:
- inspire mappers to map stuff they hadn't considered mapping before.
Like the postboxes PotW from Gregory.  Perfect.
- inform of mapping best practices.  I want to stay away from fringe stuff.
- perhaps reach those who aren't mappers, by mapping something that
interests them.  I'd like to have a project from a mapper who is a
railfan, or from a geocacher, showing how OSM fits into their other
hobby, and perhaps reaching other railfans or geocachers and
introducing them to OSM.
- focus the aim of several mappers on one goal.  This one was SteveC's
main inspiration when he created PotW, based on the effect OSMers had
in Haiti.

Each project will have a slightly different balance of the goals.
Project of the Month aims to add feedback through a baseline and
measurable results and a tutorial to reach more mappers with less


I'm inspired by the huge success of Image of the Week.  Oliver has
been maintaining IotW for five years.  The community submits images
and he selects the best to be image of the week.  Often Oliver has a
queue of great images to choose from.  We all get to see the neat
things people are doing with OSM data.  Nice.

A complete guest project from my perspective is ready to publish.
Several contributors have sent complete articles ready to go after
agreeing with me on a concept.  A complete project would have a
background / introduction / motivational section; a detailed
description; recommended and alternate guidelines for tagging;
reference material.  Some might even include a tutorial.
Inspirational photos are great too.  I like to add a brief biography
for the guest project submitter as well.

Many others have posted ideas as inspiration for projects that I have
published.  I still have to write them up, but the perspective and
ideas are hugely helpful.

Most Projects get improved greatly after I publish them.  Others are
much better with wiki-format than I am, or add references that I've
missed. Harry has done some great clean-ups on the wiki and that has
helped PotW as well.  I'm so grateful to the folks who translate
projects into other languages.  The PotM are longer because I haven't
worked out a way to automate the monitoring and feedback.  So lots of
room for improvement there.

Projects do move away from mapping once in a while.  We did
translations once, created icons another time, this week is trying
Potlatch2.  So not every project has to fit exactly in the mould.  But
it does fundamentally come down to mapping.

So some questions for all of you:

What do you see other mappers mapping that make you think, "I would
like to know more about how to do that."

What do you map that others don't?

Which mappers inspire you?

What data in OSM is really important to you?

What can be mapped in OSM that would really excite your
not-yet-a-mapper friends?

PotW/M proposal page is here:

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