[Talk-us] How to get more publicity?

Josh Doe josh at joshdoe.com
Thu Jul 7 13:00:56 BST 2011

I think Patch.com sites would be a good place to get a story out there for
very localized areas. I've been in contact with my local Patch.com editor,
and though I haven't gotten a chance to do an interview with her yet, she
and other Patch.com editors seem to be very receptive to doing stories based
on suggestions from the locals. They also accept editorials, which might be
another opportunity. At least for my local Patch.com site, they also use
MapQuest Open tiles on the place pages, so it's a perfect opportunity to
explain that those maps can be improved by anyone.


On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 9:50 PM, Kai Krueger <kakrueger at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Over the past, there have be a number of discussions about why the US OSM
> community is not as successful as those in the UK and Germany, blaming to
> various degrees e.g. data imports, usability or other aspects. However, for
> these factors to influence OSM uptake, people need to have heard of OSM to
> begin with.
> To see how much of a problem this is, I went out and asked random people
> working in hiking, biking and other outdoor shops here in Boulder, CO if
> they knew about OSM. Out of the couple of dozen people I have asked, not a
> single person had ever heard of OSM. Once I explained to them what OSM was,
> most of them thought it was an interesting idea and would have a look at
> it.
> Given that those were perhaps some of the most favorable conditions to
> stumble upon people who have heard about OSM, it is clear that OSM has a
> publicity problem in the US.
> The question thus is how can we increase awareness of OSM?
> One obvious way is to try and get more press coverage about OSM. Looking at
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OpenStreetMap_in_the_media however,
> there
> doesn't seem to have been much coverage this year yet in the US and a bunch
> of it was HOT related.
> Can we as a community encourage more press coverage?
> Although, national mainstream press would have the highest reach, it is
> probably much harder to convince them that a story about OSM would be in
> the
> interest of their readers. It might also be harder to then convince the
> readers that OSM is in their best interest.
> Contacting local and specialist magazins might thus make it easier to
> construct a compelling story for their readers and thus increase the
> willingness of the media to report about it.
> So perhaps we could start by identifying the various special interest
> groups
> to which OSM has more to offer than the established map providers like
> Google Maps. Then collect concrete examples of what OSM has to offer them
> beyond the existing providers in these specialist domains, and finally
> coordinate contacting these specialist magazines to explain to them why it
> would be in the best interest of their readers to bring a story on OSM.
> Have people done things like this? How was the reaction of the media to
> these kind of contacts?
> Do people have other ideas of how to increase awareness of OSM? E.g. booths
> on relevant trade shows? Are there things that OSM-US as an organisation
> can
> provide?
> Kai
> P.S. perhaps interestingly, non of the people I talked to, after explaining
> OSM, asked if this is similar to Google Map Maker. So perhaps Google Map
> Maker also has a publicity problem. But that isn't really our concern...
> ;-)
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