[Talk-us] Counties and Unified City-Counties

Alexander Roalter alexander at roalter.it
Thu Nov 17 18:26:38 GMT 2011

I have a question regarding counties and special cases, where cities 
have merged with their surrounding county to form a city county.

How can this be mapped?

I have two possibilities: in Louisville, KY, we have Jefferson County.
But there are other incorporated cities in that county, and one of them 
even extends beyond the county and has part in the adjacent county. So I 
have currently two relations for it, one being level=6 with the outline, 
the other being louisville level=8, with the same outline, but holes cut 
into it where the other cities are, and a 'dent' where one city lies to 
extends to the next county.

In Georgia, we have Chattahoochee County, which is also identical to its 
county seat, Cusseta, and there are no other incorporated cities/towns 
in the county. So what's to do: create again two relations, one for the 
county and an identical for the city-county? (this is currently the 
case, but with different outlines from different sources, one more 
refined than the other?
Or keep only one relation at level=6?


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